In a newsroom, content is a sterile word. The story is what engages a reporter, producer or editor and the story starts with the new idea, or a change that makes the known unknown.  Then it's up to the audience to decide if the story connects to them, fits their life, solves a problem or meets a need. StorySeller Media combines the best of the newsroom approach---creativity in scouting and developing stories--with a marketing perspective. StorySeller Media condenses years of experience selling audiences to stay tuned, click through, like, share, follow, etc. into a step-by-step process to learn a mindset for reliable, and repeatable system. The outcome supports already high performing marketing teams, bolsters small or new teams, provides guardrails for on-boarding new members and makes content brainstorming a part of everyday life.



    Through our step-by-step approach, you gain the ability to see your offerings through the point of view of your target audience. When you put audience first, you spark engaging and relevant content ideas. Putting this skill--StorySpotting--in practice through the Morning Meeting system, you move to making identifying, developing, and sharing content more efficient and effective. Learning the Newsroom Mindset strengthens and empowers existing staff to do better work.  


    This workshop focuses on the building blocks of content. Developing the ability to spot stories helps with everything from social posts and employee communications to white papers and multimedia client presentations. Content developed through our method of surfacing, scanning and sparking ideas is content created for your target audience.


    News organizations have established systems for vetting story ideas, review material before it's live, and allocating the resources needed. Learning the Morning Meeting system gives you the skills to adapt a newsroom system to business, making it possible to implement with existing staff. 

    The proper question isn’t what a journalist thinks is relevant but what his or her audience thinks is relevant.
    — Michael Kinsley, founding editor of Slate Magazine


    How to work with StorySeller Media

    Find the unseen stories in your business

    Find the unseen stories in your business


    Our workshops teach teams of all sizes a methodology to create a newsroom mindset. It makes content creation a process not a problem. Because of its modular design, the training can fit a one, two or three non-consecutive day schedule. 

    With on-the-job support you put new knowledge into action. Make the virtual real. 

    With on-the-job support you put new knowledge into action. Make the virtual real. 


    From determining the first best steps to taking your organization's content marketing to a new level or somewhere in between. Initial consultation includes background research on your business and industry to create a more informed conversation.

    Boost your resources for the next campaign, event, launch, etc. 

    Boost your resources for the next campaign, event, launch, etc. 


    When projects are starting to stack up but that critical deadline looms, even the best teams benefit from outside support. Whether its a product launch, sales push , or a need to re-purpose existing content, StorySeller Media can take on the heavy lifting.